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COVESERV - The professional solution for washing/cleaning photovoltaic panels (systems)

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We perform this activity since 2010. Over 1,000,000 photovoltaic panels have benefited from our services.

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Do not let your investments into the wrong hands! Entrust the washing / cleaning of the photovoltaic panels (systems) to an insured company with experience!

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Our operators are specialized in washing / cleaning photovoltaic panels (systems)!

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Kinetic brushes, 100% pure water pumps, pumps with temperature and pressure exercise control – this is how we work.

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The loss of transparency of the glass is the primary cause which determines a significant reduction in the energy production of a photovoltaic system by up to 30% (glass transparency = €)

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Clean photovoltaic panels (systems) maximize your profits!

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Believing that rains would be enough for washing / cleaning the photovoltaic panels (systems) is wrong!

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The cost of washing / cleaning the photovoltaic panels (systems) is less than the value of the energy loss that would occur if not washed / cleaned!

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We recommend 2 washing / cleaning cycles per year for photovoltaic panels (systems)!



Manufacturers of photovoltaic panels require strict specifications in washing/cleaning the panels (water pressure, the type of water used in washing/cleaning, water temperature in order to avoid thermal shock, the type of brush, without using detergents, etc. ). Failure to comply with these specifications will result in loss of warranty for the panels! We use washing/cleaning systems which entirely meet these specifications of the manufacturers of photovoltaic panels, we are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and we use operators who have attended specialized training for washing/cleaning panels. We are structured in several mobile units, equipped autonomously, and we have working platforms at a height of up to 20 meters for washing/wiping off any type of system implemented in hard-to-reach places. The mobile units are equipped with IONIC SYSTEM equipment (leading company in the world) which produces 100% pure water (without lime, minerals, calcium, etc.) and sends it to the pressure and temperature chosen, in fiberglass telescopic rods with kinetic brushes. Our advanced technology, the training and experience of the operators lead to a low cost per each washing/cleaning. We operate in accordance with the rules for safety and health at work, P.S.I. (Fire fighting) and the protection of the environment.